The illusion of separateness

We are inextricably connected through visible and invisible forces. While on a grand scale it is easy to observe our interconnectedness the problem lies when we believe the connection stops there.

We are the wave that has forgotten it is the ocean.

When we think and act as if we are separate and different we isolate and starve ourselves from our most precious resource, our shared humanity. If we get cut do we not all bleed? If we do not have access to food or water do we not all feel hunger and thirst? Are we not all naked beneath our clothes? We are constantly presented with the opportunity to shift our perceptions from what makes us different to what makes us similar. By doing this we begin to see others as an extension of ourselves, we see that beyond what we can perceive with our senses there is an essential nature, pure and innocent, that we all share.

Through others we know ourselves.

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