The illusion of certainty

As humans, it is important that we are able to generate a sense of certainty in order to feel safe. However life can quickly, easily and most importantly unexpectedly be disrupted.

What does this say about the stability and safety of the personal, social and environmental structures we live in? Is anything ever really certain? Our subjective sense of certainty, while comforting, does not comply with the dynamic and ever-changing nature of reality. But this need not scare us.

If nothing is certain then everything is possible.

Knowing this can be a blessing and a curse. Within limitless possibility exists both the “good” and the “bad” and of course, we would all prefer the former over the latter but focusing or striving for one over the other can only lead to disappointment. Forcing our will upon reality only works when it works. Life is an ever-moving stream of potential and possibilities. Are you flowing with the current or against it? This is not to say we shouldn’t consider the consequences of our actions or plan for a better future, on the contrary, careful life design is essential for achieving meaning and fulfillment. Rather, let us make uncertainty our friend and let it teach us to appreciate what we have now because it could all be taken away from us in an instant.

Every moment is precious, not because it is given but because it may be taken.

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